I am happy to write a few words expressing my thankfulness for Katie Reid and the not-for-profit organization Unblind My Mind. I first met Katie at the elementary school where our children both attend as classmates. It wasn’t until some later conversation, after I shared with Katie stories of my frequent, unexplainable migraines that I discovered the work she is doing with regard to health awareness and autism in the community. This was refreshing news to me because Katie was the first person I had met that seemed to maybe have some general idea as to what was causing my terrible migraines. Anyway, I found the things she said regarding personal food choices and guarding myself and my family against certain “bad foods” at the market to be intriguing and so I invited Katie to meet further with me. She was so very helpful and delighted to give me advice. Needless to say, I immediately implemented her advice. The suggestions she offered with regard to making certain very simple, small changes to my family’s dietary lifestyle were phenomenal and well worth it! Since taking Katie’s advice and learning how to know what is actually in the food I’m buying from the grocery store, my migraines have disappeared! As a fellow mother, and as a friend, I am so thankful for all Katie has done to help me reclaim my health back. What further compelled me to write this letter though is the fact that Katie is striving to constantly reach out in an effort to truly enrich and better other peoples’ live through her ongoing research and daily work. This is a cause she clearly believes in and I’m so glad for her work. Thank you Katie for all you’ve taught me about living well! I wish you the absolute best! Thanks again!

Rachael Linzy