Improving Health One Bite at a Time

We are what we eat, but most of us don’t know what we are eating.


We believe every healing journey begins with a closer look at what we are eating.

As a PhD biochemist and a mom determined to help my daughter with autism, I discovered that our foods have many hidden ingredients. These ingredients, like free glutamate (MSG), are common triggers to many of the symptoms that we associate with disorders like autism and other inflammatory/neurological disorders.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

About REID

The Reduced Excitatory Inflammatory Diet (REID) is a food lifestyle focused on reducing excitatory and inhibitory signaling imbalance (i.e. improving neurotransmitter balance) and reducing inflammation through a balanced whole food approach. Some of the most prevalent excitatory and inflammatory foods are gluten, casein (class of proteins found in dairy), soy, corn (to a lesser extent) and ready-to-eat or commercially processed foods with various food additives, particularly those containing free glutamate and aspartate. These foods can be problematic because of their high concentration of unbound/free glutamate (glutamic acid). Unbound or free glutamate (aka MSG) is most commonly found in processed foods as a food additive or created as a byproduct of commercial food manufacturing processes.  For more information see REID. Also Dr. Katherine Reid’s book goes into the subject in more detail, Fat, Stressed, and Sick: MSG, Processed Food, and America’s Health.



Your Donation Supports Our Important Work:

  • Awareness and educating on sources of free glutamate (MSG)
  • Influencing the medical community to examine food as part of the healing journey
  • Raising money for clinical trials examining the effects of MSG on autistic symptoms
  • Advocating product labeling of MSG levels in foods

My Why

My daughter is no longer considered on the autism spectrum, which is managed 100% through diet!  After helping others restore their health through foods, I started Unblind My Mind, a 501(c)3 non profit to further spread the word and create a community of people passionate about restoring truly healthy foods to our food supply.
Unblind My Mind wants to help you with your healing journey through the REID (reduced excitatory inflammation diet) program (for more on the REID program, click here).  We have investigated food patents, ingredient labels, supplements, and many food/beverage products and can help guide your unblinding, healing process.





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    THE REID PROGRAM FACEBOOK GROUP This is a group created for those struggling with various health issues associated with excess glutamate and are working to lower these levels via diet. The foundation of this program is based on Dr. Katie Reid’s protocol, the REID Program, which advocates a whole food diet low in free glutamate.

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