About Us

Unblind My Mind, Inc. (UMM) is a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to improving health one bite at a time. We understand dietary changes are a journey. We want to guide you and be part of that journey based on what we’ve learned through scientific research, experience, and understanding exactly what manufacturing processes are used in foods. We advocate specific dietary reforms as the first line of therapy in treating many common ailments. We are what we eat, but most of us don’t know what we are eating!

Unblind My Mind is devoted to improving the health of individuals and families through informed food choices and the elimination of foods that have a negative impact on health.

We are what we eat, but most of us don’t know what we are eating.

UMM’s founder, Dr. Katherine Reid, PhD, has conducted her own scientific investigation, researching manufacturing processes used in foods, supplements, body products, and many over the counter medications. She unveiled that certain ingredients and additives in these products are associated with many chronic illnesses. UMM is dedicated to raising awareness of how these ingredients, abundant in our environment, impact our health. UMM’s vision is to create a community with greater understanding and heightened awareness of the foods we eat and their impact on our health. Our choices are only true choices when we know what we are eating.

We believe that the health care revolution begins with empowerment and our mission is to empower you with the information necessary to restore and maintain health.

UMM, guided by Dr. Reid, helps individuals, families, and groups implement healthy food choices, providing unique educational programs to this end.  Many have told Dr. Reid that despite their training in the medical or nutrition field, they were never taught the information that she shared.

Message from Katherine Reid, PhD, Founder and Executive Director of Unblind My Mind 

Unblind My Mind is the culmination of an uncommon and successful journey that I took initially to help the health of my daughter, Brooke. I have shared this story now in a variety of venues with over a hundred thousand people because I believe what I unveiled is important information for the health of everyone. I would never have embarked on these discoveries if my youngest daughter, Brooke, had not been diagnosed with Autism, in 2009.  She was diagnosed as  “moderate” on the autism spectrum, and it was from this day that I was informed of her diagnosis that much of my scientific research and food exploration began.  Using my passion as a mother to help my child and my scientific background, I have travelled a journey that I refer to as my Unblind My Mind story.  I was blind to what’s in our food supply. Today, she lives without the diagnosis of autism, completely recovered through what I call the REID program – Reduced Excitatory Inflammatory Diet.  Excitatory refers to stimulants of the excitatory neurological pathway.  Of course I encountered many stumbling blocks along the journey that I share with people so they can avoid the mistakes I made.

 In graduate school, I studied biochemistry and was a teaching assistant for Chemistry of Nutrition. From a scientific perspective, I appreciated the link between nutrition and vital biochemical functions. My career has focused on protein chemistry mainly as it applies to developing protein therapeutics.

 When I became a mother, I was conscious of healthy food, and felt that I was making healthy food choices for my family. But my life dramatically changed when Brooke was diagnosed with autism at the age of three and her symptoms resulted in a family crisis as we were plagued with confusion and chaos of how to manage her health condition.

Finding out what I was feeding my family involved detective work.

My scientific background and experience with nutritional research, allowed me to make discoveries and connections that are not easily uncovered. The word ‘obfuscation’ came front and center to my research. Finding out what I was feeding my family involved significant detective work.

I discovered:

  • Food ingredient labels require decoding.
  • It’s important to understand how ingredients react in the body.
  • The only way to know what’s in the food is to know the process used to make the food.
  • My daughter’s autism was associated with the foods she was eating.

I implemented a dietary plan that completely manages my daughter’s autism symptoms.  But this dietary lifestyle isn’t just for those impacted with such a serious disorder.  My health improved drastically by ridding of allergies I suffered from since a child, no more brain fog or frequent headaches, I lost weight without trying, and the energy I feel is fueling my passion to help others on their journey to restoring health.  As I began sharing these health-producing dietary changes with others, I saw that it changed the lives of many family, friends, and clients. Now, I want to share this information with the world, and I sincerely trust you can experience the same life-changing results.  I thank Brooke for my health journey, for if it wasn’t for my little Canary, I would still be blind to my eating choices.