Quality of health begins with the quality of ingredients in our meals.

Dr. Katie Reid, a biochemist and mom, is uncovering the links between autism and the foods (and food ingredients) we eat. Unblind My Mind is a nonprofit organization founded by Katie to raise awareness of how the foods we buy and eat contribute to the chronic illnesses we suffer.

Dr. Reid’s vision is to create a global community of people who understand and value the importance of whole foods and healthy food practices, and who work together to create greater availability of foods that promote healthy individuals, families, and communities everywhere.

Combating chronic illnesses like autism, happens one bite at a time. 

Unblind My Mind’s services include presentations, webinars, one-on-one consulting, workshops, conferences, and education to help restore health through  1) greater understanding of the connections between our state of health and the quality of foods we eat, 2) developing new food habits and skills, and 3) establishing lifestyle changes for greater health.

Complimentary Resources
  • A Meal Plan/Pantry List is available to provide recipe ideas of various meals/snacks and examples of products to stock your pantry.
  • Unblind My Mind lectures and educates in communities throughout the world, and is developing curriculum and training materials for schools and area educators.
Consulting services
  • Individual “transition” sessions are available to address the specific needs of you or your family.
  • Consulting sessions can be ongoing until you, as a client, feel comfortable applying the new program in your daily life to your own kitchen, public eateries, and while traveling.
  • Small group sessions may be available or can be arranged.
  • Training can be provided in your kitchen, grocery store, our office, or through Skype.  Meal planning and recommended food source suppliers are a part of training sessions.
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