Hi Dr. Reid,

We noticed that the facial grimace, arm movements, and hand movements have disappeared.  Those were a textbook case of Tourette’s syndrome.  My husband had Tourette’s style tics as a child.  He doesn’t have any symptoms or sign of it since being a teenager.  Next [our son] J.J. was a ball of energy who would literally run around and not stop for activities except maybe for 5 minutes.  Now he is attending longer to activities maybe 10 minutes, but the transitions between activities seem worse than ever.  He is not transitioning well.  He has really bad melt downs where he wants to go out of a room, but he doesn’t want to go out of a room.  Its like he doesn’t know what he wants.  Those meltdowns are getting less frequent (maybe 3 times a day not 5 right now).  But I dislike labels and I prefer to think of what the child can do…..not what they cannot do!!  Next Jimmy is talking in longer sentences of 4-5 words, but he is talking to an imaginary audience a lot.  He is reciting songs and his favorite TV show Blues Clues, but no one can understand all of what he is saying.  He has started to respond to yes/no questions consistently. He has always had a huge, huge vocabulary.  He is really smart.  (And I’m not biased). He is starting to say more meaningful things.  He was shouting, “No Bacon, No Bacon” and shaking his little fists in frustration with the diet at the table last night!!  It was kind of hard not to laugh! Thanks for your help.

R. Scott