I have been following Katie’s diet recommendations which have been challenging and kind of wonderful.  As of now, I love eating this way.  In February I began a six month schedule to withdraw from Prozac. I know that diet has played a key role in my success, so far.  As of now, I am in the final two stages of “weaning” and I will be completely Prozac free by mid July.
There have been three main parts to my being able to do this and they are: diet, exercise, and a spiritual practice.  Plus, bi-weekly check-ins with my therapist and a whole lot of sunshine.  My mood is good, I feel better than normal and see no reason why I won’t be just fine.

BUT, here is the other stuff that has happened that I think is incredible and I am so grateful:
I no longer have restless-leg syndrome which used to drive me crazy and I’d have to get up at night and stretch and stretch. I started having heart palpitations in my 40’s (one time I went to Urgent Care thinking I was having a heart attack), usually at night as I am falling asleep, and my doctor just said it was normal and age related.  I think I’ve had maybe two in the last three months.  They’re pretty much gone.  And since I came out of the womb, I’ve had eczema — this improved almost immediately with the diet.  Maybe a little patch here or there due to contact with something in my garden, but it’s reduced significantly. Also, allergies have decreased, but they still come and go with less severity.  I no longer take Zyrtec daily, but still use Benadryl at night if needed. My sight has changed too.  I see colors more vividly — that’s how I explain it.  This was something that I didn’t know was “missing” but when color started to be more saturated, I totally noticed.  This happened in April.

So that’s the other stuff, which is wonderful!  And my health continues to improve — in general I just feel better, calmer, more connected.  And while all of this has been happening I have also dealt with two separate injuries that needed attention and intervention.  Even with those health challenges, I’m fine.  And I think that because of the diet, the healing time for both injuries was probably shortened considerably.
Thank you Katie.  I think your findings and your program are so significant.