“After witnessing the progress that my two grandson’s with PDD-NOS made following the Reduced Free-Glutamate diet, I decided to try it myself.

A year ago I was diagnosed with early onset of Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 68.  I was prescribed a daily Mirapex ERC 25 mg dose which has been increased to 2.25 mg at present.  I was also prescribed a series of physical therapy classes called BIG at Norwalk Hospital.  Additionally, I found an  aqua fitness class at the Westport YMCA which I attend twice a week.

This past March, I began to eliminate free glutamates from my diet.  My diet is now principally meat, vegetables, and fruit.  I have also cut out most dairy and gluten.

Within the first two weeks I experienced an increase of energy  as I walked through the grocery store.  There was no conscious decision to speed up my gait, but I was just walking more quickly.  I hadn’t been walking at that pace for at least a year.  My daughter also comments that my face appears less “frozen” and that there is an improvement in my voice quality.

If rating my adherence to the diet, I believe I have eliminated 85%-90% of foods with free-glutamates.

I hope that this testimony helps as I’d like to see this diet help many more people!”

-M.L. Tilley