“Our seven year old son, Patrick was diagnosed at 3.5 y.o. with PDD-NOS.  He was unable to interact with children in preschool and had meltdowns continuously.  Since then he’s participated in hundreds of hours of speech-language, relatedness, vision, aquatic, and OT therapies.  We’ve watched for years as he works his hardest, hardly ever complaining about the time spent with professionals who are helping him to make progress.  And in fact he’s come so far that he is completely mainstreamed without assistance and currently only goes to two hours of relatedness therapy a week.

However even though he made all this progress, as his mother who is closest to him, I still would see how he struggled with anxiety, a need to control his environment, difficulty putting words together in sentences to express himself, and difficulty processing auditory stimuli including something as simple as responding to his name.

This all changed in just 48 hours of following a reduced free-glutamate diet.  Patrick immediately became comfortable in his own skin.  It was exhilarating to watch as he responded to our whispers of his name (even while he worked on his Legos).  Patrick now demonstrates split attention, an ability to problem solve instead of having meltdowns when challenges present themselves.  He no longer tells us “never mind” when he can’t explain a thought or feeling or prior experience because now he can find the words to tell us everything!  All of this brought tears to our eyes as we saw him relax and “go with the flow.” It’s as if we’re really seeing his true personality now that the brain fog is gone.”

K. Sullivan