“Hi, I found your site a few months ago. My daughter has some sensory issues that had been greatly affecting her behavior since she was a teeny tot. She is now almost 7 and it had changed from the all day tantrums to just being angry and defiant all the time. I have been to several different doctors over the years and all of them told me she was just “very strong willed”. In the meantime, my husband and I were exhausted, but didn’t know where to turn. When I read your information I immediately made changes to remove MSG. Within 2 weeks my daughter is the sweet loving amazing little girl I knew was in there!!! At first, I thought maybe it was the placebo effect, but then we ate MSG one day while traveling and the angry little girl came back. It’s amazing! And quite frustrating that this junk is in so many products!!! We’ve also found that my husband, who has gone to headache specialists for over 20 years to no avail, has much less frequent and much less severe headaches. So, I just wanted to say thank you for unblinding my mind. We are so grateful to have stumbled upon your findings.
I hope you have a wonderful day.”

G. Rhoads