“I just wanted to thank you for all the effort and time that you have put into putting out all the information that you do.
My granddaughter’s mother gave me the information to your website and we both have implemented your suggestions of removing msg and gluten and casein from my granddaughter’s diet. My granddaughter’s mother has gastro paresis and discovered that she is allergic to msg so she started the diet for herself and her daughter,(my granddaughter) Marissa.  Marissa is autistic and 13 years old. Molly’s health has improved a lot. She was in the emergency room almost every week for the last 8 years with her condition to the point she had a feeding tube put in. But since she started the diet about 4 months ago she has hardly been to the hospital and as gained about 10lbs which is amazing because she was a walking skeleton at about 95lbs and 5’5″.

Marissa is doing awesome on the diet. She was about 165lbs but now is 147. She actually eats a better variety of foods and healthy foods since burger king and Mcdonald’s has been eliminated.  But the best part of this is that today we had a meeting with her support coordinator and she could see a huge difference in Marissa in her social and verbal skills. Marissa is expressing herself and engaging in spontaneous conversation and asking questions about things she hears. She is taking her own shower, which is a huge step for her.

It is sometimes hard to gauge if these improvements are really happening or just natural maturing when you see her everyday, but when people who haven’t seen her for a month or 2 comment on the improvement then you know you weren’t just making it up or wishful thinking.

So I just thought you would like to know that we are very grateful that we found your website and appreciate the information that you make available.

Marissa has also started a Diary where she is really expressing herself and she is writing which she used to hate to do and now she does all the time.

She also has been attending school and more cooperative than she used to be. Last year she was on medication for her behavior but is no longer. She still throws tantrums but they are shorter and fewer. She is more ready to talk about whats bothering her and open to solutions to the issue. Thanks again.”

E. Semonian