“My daughter who is 2.5 has been potty trained since December 2012. About a month ago she stopped using the potty and had accident after accident. She didn’t seem to care and there was nothing we could do to get her to go again. I had to put her back in diapers because I was changing her clothes too much. She also wasn’t sleeping well and was a super crank ALL day long. I figured a little regression in potty training was normal at her age, maybe her behavior was terrible 2s, maybe she had gotten contaminated at Grandma’s house, the excuses went on. But she never came out of her funk! It was getting worse.

So I watched your talk and was in tears. We had already done the supplementing, we had done the gluten free/casein free, we had removed salicylates, we make everything from scratch, she doesn’t eat anything that has spices or natural flavoring – we follow the Feingold program for other food chemicals, etc. But glutamates! We had briefly visited this removal without really knowing it when we attempted the Failsafe Diet (Remove salicylates, amines, and glutamates). Alana did great, but it was too difficult to keep up with the whole family (and all of our food intolerances) and after two weeks we slowly came out of it. Our daughter was still doing pretty well though so we kept focused mainly on salicylates.

Now after seeing your list of ALL the places MSG can be hidden – and the Gluten/Casein MSG connection (brilliant!) I panicked. We had found a “too good to be true” cheese alternative to feed our kids – nutritional yeast. We ate this on everything imaginable from pasta, to potatoes, to popcorn and even made it into a sauce for nachos. The kids loved this stuff and we felt good feeding it to them, so we probably had it 5-7 times a week, so almost every day.

I made my husband watch your talk and we decided we would immediately stop the nutritional yeast and check labels even more strictly. Well what do you know – our daughter within 2 days has been sleeping in till 8am instead of fighting sleep for hours and popping up at 6:30am. She is diaper free and although still having an accident here and there, her attitude toward going to the potty is great, she is willing to go and again going by herself. She hasn’t had any yes/no cycles or any inconsolable crying fits about ridiculous things and her peppy, silly personality is back!!
I almost can’t believe it, but then I think of all the other diet changes we’ve implemented and I think of course it worked! I’m so sad to say goodbye to another loved food – but so glad to say hello to my wonderful daughter who’s back to herself. So thank you, thank you so much!”

C. Bourgo