We are what we eat, but most of us don’t know what we are eating.

- Katherine Reid

Unblind My Mind is a 501(c)(3)  nonprofit organization, founded by Dr. Katherine Reid, biochemist and a mother of five children. Dr. Reid began doing research on food ingredients and their effects on health, as she struggled to help her youngest daughter, Brooke, who was diagnosed at age three with “moderate autism.” The discoveries made by Dr. Reid during that process brought new-found health to her daughter, and inspired her to share her new knowledge with others.

Unblind My Mind is passionate about food safety and full disclosure of food processes to protect every consumer from dangerous hidden ingredients in the foods we eat. Unblind My Mind was incorporated in 2013 to provide educational programs and personalized services to individuals and families who are suffering with a chronic illness or condition. Our agency educates on informed food choices and essential lifestyle changes that protect and restore health.

Our mission: Unblind My Mind is devoted to improving the health of individuals and families through informed food choices and the elimination of foods that have a negative impact on health.

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  • Donate to future clinical trials for the purpose of establishing evidence of the effects of MSG on autistic symptoms;
  • Contribute to our advocacy of product labeling of free glutamate (hidden MSG) in foods.

Warning: Many ingredients contain hidden MSG.

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