Cancer And Glutamate

How cancer cells invade tissues has been the focus of much research. Cancer cells can occur in various tissues throughout the body and involves abnormal metabolic activity with the ability to invade other cells.  Aberrant glutamatergic signaling (signaling involving glutamate) can lead to tumorigenesis and is likely the mechanism leading to many cancers[i],[ii],[iii] With a release of excess…

Pizza Is A Vegetable!

Pizza can be a healthy meal, if you prepare it that way.  The meal can even qualify as a serving of vegetables, unlike the majority of pizza served.  Here’s a nutrient rich pizza idea. The ground pumpkin seeds in the flour provides a boost of magnesium.

Pizza Crust:
¼ cup of ground pumpkin seeds
¼ cup of ground flax seeds
¼ cup of coconut flour
¼ cup of ground corn…

Hijacked By Food! MSG Receptors In Gut And Links To Sensory Disorders

When we think about taste, most of us think about the taste buds (sensors) on our tongues. But there are many chemical sensors or ‘taste’ receptors in our gut that play a huge role in our food choices. These receptors ‘taste’ our gut content and transmit signals that regulate nutrient absorption, and release gut hormones and neurotransmitters involved in the regulation of energy and glucos…

Variety, Variety, Variety

Smoothies provide the perfect opportunity to add a variety of nutrient-rich raw foods to the diet.  One way to accomplish this is to take advantage of the natural seasonal variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.  Here’s a smoothie recipe for the fall season.
If you don’t already have a Vitamix, treat yourself to a holiday gift that helps increase nutrient rich foods in the diet and…

Sugar Is Sugar

People may have a hard time believing that the sugar found in fruit should be considered as part of your total sugar load along with refined sugar, like in candy or added to your cup of coffee. But it should be considered. Sugars in fruit consist of fructose, glucose and sucrose and people can mistakenly ignore their contribution to total sugar loads in the diet. A banana, for…

Butternut Squash Pie

butternut squash pie

I find butternut squash easier to cook and tastier than pumpkins for a good ol’ traditional Thanksgiving pie.  This recipe is dairy-free and gluten-free and sure to please. Use fresh ground spices, if available, for an even healthier dessert.  Don’t forget the whip cream, the Cashew Whip Cream that is.

Butternut Squash Pie (1 pie)
Pie crust
½ c coconut flour
½ c of almond…

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