The REID Program

The REID Program is a lifestyle-changing diet created to help individuals interested in removing food toxins from their diet and pantry.  Most foods that are fresh, natural, and unaltered are acceptable in the diet, but there are many companies now that are creating food products without harmful additives that are healthy and good for us. Please see the Pantry page for food products that are “approved” as a part of the diet. 

The REID Program (Reduced Excitatory Inflammatory Diet) suggests daily food ratios, with the greatest ratio consisting of high fiber vegetables. You can find those ratios here.



The food pyramid above is another quick reference and overview of the REID Program food categories.  These are foods recommended for your daily dietary choices.  (Click image to enlarge.)

Another resource you may want to use is our list of food ingredients that contain hidden free glutamate. The food ingredients on this list represent the various ways free glutamate can be identified on the required food label. We call it the Katie “No-No” List!