I’ve also been meaning to post to say that I think we are really seeing a difference in my son, who was diagnosed with autism and Down syndrome, even though we haven’t totally eliminated all the food items yet.

Changes are a little harder to discern with his Down syndrome as a confounding variable, but it’s pretty remarkable. He is so much more communicative and present. He’s listening more, has less “crazy” behavior (he often throws his body or things around and gets really loud) and is responding appropriately in conversation!

Some days he seems cloudier than others, so I’m wondering if that’s when he is getting more glutamate. He has a pizza day at school every other week and we’ve sent GFCF pizza in the past, so we’re trying to figure out what to do about that. He absolutely loves pizza, so I hate to have him just miss out. We’re thinking of making our own crust using wheat berries that we grind ourselves, pesto without the cheese and then making mozzerella out of raw milk. It seems like mozzerella wouldn’t have so much glutamate since it doesn’t really undergo a fermentation process. We haven’t tried it yet, but it looks quite easy to make. What do you think of that plan? Other than that, we just have eating out and eating at friends’ houses to tackle. I think we’ll just abstain or bring our own for a while until we get it entirely out of his diet.

Jenna Lockey