Our son was diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder (PDD-NOS) in first grade, about one year ago.  His main disabilities were noise sensitivities, difficulties with social interactions and explosive behaviors. I came across Katie’s video and received additional information from her and decided to tried to remove free glutamates from our family’s diet.  It was not an easy task; I had to overhaul our pantry as many of the items had ingredients on Katie’s no – no list and I had to learn how to prepare meals that did not include any gluten or dairy.  Two weeks in the diet, we all started to experience foggy head, irritability and my husband also had flu like symptoms; we learned that some of these symptoms are associated with “gluten and glutamate withdrawal”(it lasted 3-5 days).  At the one month mark, we started to experience the true benefits of the diet not only for my son but for me and husband also.  My son’s noise sensitivity seemed to have disappeared, he became much calmer, more aware, and he was better able to manage his frustrations.   I lost about 10lb and had a lot more energy; my husband’s gastrointestinal issues resolved and he also felt more focused and alert.  We have been on the diet for 4 months; the biggest issue we have now is finding food in restaurants that does not have any MSG added to it.  On a recent trip (despite our best efforts to ask the staff how the food was prepared) we had food with MSG and my son’s behaviors and my gastrointestinal issues returned.  I recommend this diet approach to anyone who wants to improve their health; our whole family has been so positively impacted – truly life changing experience!

Irena Petkovska