Free versus bound glutamates

Glutamic acid or glutamate is a naturally occurring amino acid found in all proteins. So what’s the problem?

The health issue surrounds the free glutamate that is being added to the food or that is generated as a result of harsh manufacturing processes to proteins. The sodium salt of glutamic acid is more commonly known as monosodium glutamate or MSG and is the most abundant form of free glutamate.

When a protein is processed (such as hydrolyzed, ultra-pasteurized, fermented, etc…) free glutamates are generated. Free glutamates are absorbed in our bodies quickly and in an uncontrolled manner compared to when glutamate is bound in proteins as they occur naturally. Abundant amounts of free glutamates or any free amino acid is not naturally part of food and our bodies have not evolved to absorb free glutamate effectively.

Consumption of free glutamates results in an excitotoxic effect that manifests symptoms differently in every individual. For my daughter, consumption of free glutamates results in autistic behaviors. For me, free glutamates in my food results in headaches and sinus pressure (congestion). What’s the effect of free glutamate from your diet on you?

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